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    Providing a variety of industrial equipment
  • Supplying Suppliers

    Provide advice before purchasing
خدمات شرکت توسعه صنعت پارس


Seamless pipes, seamless tubes, Zinc-coated pipes, Pig-iron pipes, Non-metallic pipes
خدمات شرکت توسعه صنعت پارس


Fusion fittings, High pressure fittings, Galvanized fittings, Cast iron fittings, Non-metallic fittings
خدمات شرکت توسعه صنعت پارس


slider gates, flap flange, butterfly valve, unilateral valve, filter, valve operator
خدمات شرکت توسعه صنعت پارس

Flanges and washers

Flanges with ASTM standard, flanges with DIN standard, other flanges, washers and rims

CEO's statement

Pars Yasna Industry Development

Pars Yasna Development Company with more than 16 years of experience in the import of industrial and construction components, as well as consulting at the time of purchase, intends to provide customers with their products directly and without intermediaries in order to reduce prices and assurances. Customers will be provided with the relevant product quality and standard. Pars Yasna Development Company is hoping to provide appropriate services to the satisfaction of its partners and provide an effective step forward in the country's industries.

Pars Yasna Quick View

Pars Industrial Development Company has been involved in supplying and distributing equipment needed for oil industry (petrochemical, refinery and power plants), construction and other industries since 1993.

Customer satisfaction

Import of industrial and construction components and equipment, as well as consulting when buying in order to meet customers' needs

Installation services

Installation of various equipment and supplies of industries and factories of the country


Supply of various types of pipes, all kinds of light and heavy pipes, such as seamless and manismann, scaffolding pipes, radiant and gas, black and galvanized, stainless steel and ...

Advice before purchase

Provide advice before buying to inform customers of the prices and supplies needed by their industry

Material Industry Requirements

Providing materials for the industries, including raw materials and laboratory, and ...

Recent projects

Instrument Cable

Providing the cable required by the industry

Armored cables with lead cover

Providing a variety of armored cables

Supply of industrial parts

Supply of various industrial components according to the plan